About the North Shelby Library / Mt Laurel Library


For information on our branch, the Mt Laurel Library click here.

Mission Statement

The mission of the North Shelby Library is to serve all citizens in the North Shelby District by offering library services, resources, and facilities to fulfill their educational, information, cultural and recreational needs and/or interests. The term "citizens" includes all individuals and/or groups.

Who We Are

The North Shelby Library District was created in 1988 by an act of the state legislature and a majority vote of the residents of the district to provide library services to an area of Shelby County which had no library and no municipality to support one. The library operates as a 501-c-3, non-profit corporation under the laws of the state and the direction of a five-member board. Board members are elected for staggered; four-year terms by the residents of the district in September of even numbered years and receive no compensation for their service.


The population of the District is approximately 60,000 people and projected to be 65,000 by 2020. The size of our facility is based on state library standards for libraries serving populations of 50,000. The library's fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30. Assessment notices are mailed in October to the approximately 24,000 property owners in the District and payment is due by December 31. This fiscal year, 18,000 bills were assessed at the $15 Homestead Rate. All others were assessed at the 1.75 mill non-homesteaded rate

Phone Directory 

Renewals 205.669.3928
Information/Circulation 205.439.5500 nscirc@shelbycounty-al.org 
Children's Department 205.439.5504 nschildrens@shelbycounty-al.org
Teen Department 205.439.5512 nsyouth@shelbycounty-al.org
Adult Services 205.439.5511 nsadultservices@shelbycounty-al.org
Reference Department 205.439.5510 nsref@shelbycounty-al.org
Library Dues/Business Office 205.439.5555 nsbusinessoffice@shelbycounty-al.org
Fax: 205.439.5503
Library Director 205.439.5540



Board of Trustees


Kay Kelley, President 
Ann Price, Vice President
Morgan Barnes, Board Treasurer
Beth Ronilo, Secretary

Lucy Edwards, Member at Large

For comments, questions, concerns, please email the library board at nscomments@shelbycounty-al.org

Board Minutes

Kate Etheredge, Library Director 


Mt Laurel Library

Mt Laurel Library serves the Dunnavant Valley Region of Shelby County, AL. The library is a branch of the North Shelby Library.

The library is located at 111 Olmsted St, Birmingham, AL 35242.

Phone number is 205-991-1660. Go to website, www.mtlaurellibrary.org, for more information.